Self Worth

by Red Castle

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Written and recorded by RedCastle.
Mixed and mastered by Justin Felix at Compact Audio Recording Studios
Lyrics by Max Brown.

RedCastle is:
Steve Webster, Luke Woods, Max Brown, and Benoit Boudreau.


released July 8, 2016

Special Thanks to anyone who’s ever enjoyed our music |
Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Red Castle Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Track Name: Insomniac
I wash my hands of you
And everything you put me through
But I find comfort in the fact that

I deserve more than what you put me through

I've been stuck in a lucid daydream
Where I thought
I knew who you were
And upon awakening I feel sickly
It's like I'm lying to myself

You only care for yourself
Too many nights too many bottles
Not enough sleep too many sorrows
Too many nights too many bottles
Not enough sleep too many sorrows
Too many

These scars I bear remind me
Of thoughts of you in agony
Too many
My fantasies they scare me

This is not who I want to be
Too many nights, one more fucking bottle
Track Name: Psycho
The feeble self inside your skin
Leads you to run with rats again
Ravenously they take you in
To share amongst all of their kin

They'll stand and stare as you play the part
Portray your purpose in the dark
It shouldn't end this way
This masquerade embodies all the damage that's been made

But not today
This time it's different

You did this to yourself
By putting faith in something that
You knew would let you down
Vicious and efficiently
Dimly lit they fade away
Intentionally led astray
Beady red eyes haunt you today

Portrait portrayed
Manipulation masterful
With no intent to stay
You should be afraid
You let your pride subside
Disregarded your health

Meticulously you have buried yourself

Dry your eyes and read between the lines
The mistakes you made when you were unaware
Become the reason your psyche is too much to bear
Track Name: Degenerate (feat. Jon Peters)
You say your plan is sound
Seen from a different way
I'd like to trust you
But your lying to my face

I said it
Because you don't see yourself
Believe it
You'd read it as something else

You're dying everyday

You hid behind the mask
That I knew you'd bring
You strive to find the time
To allow this pain

Tip back your flask
Let your demons sing
The bottom of your bottle
Is an ugly thing

How you live is
A reflection of what is inside you
Your inability to compose
Through pounding poison
Your true character shows

Cowardice brought you to this
Decomposure and distress
Sympathy and reverence
For the catalyst of this awful mess

Every person that you met
Would hang you out to dry
I know you’ll never see the light

Hang your head and cry
Now you wait to die
Track Name: Coward
This is a means to and end
I know you'll be there waiting
Painting it red
Limp sickly and shaking

It was foolish of me
To believe I'd be leaving
Locks on the doors
And this urgency's fleeting

The truth still hurts
Through my endeavours
I betray my words
I feel as though
I'm dying slow
Call my mother
She deserves to know

I am a victim
Who's pursuing lust
I am a coward
And I think I'm losing touch

More morose than most can see
Affected by the adversity in me
Bridge the gap between myself
And where I want to be
Cast my demons down
And find the will to flee

I am a victim
Of this circumstance
I am a coward
And I think I lost my chance

Agency is opposed to complacency
As freedom is opposed to imprisonment

Standing at the brink of
Contemplating letting go
Allow myself to sink

As I descend
I am not religious but I pray
For this to end
Track Name: Instigator
Everything I should have said
Still resonates inside my head

The way we move when I descend
Led us to a bitter end
I never thought that things would change
Until the concrete rearranged

My thoughts have strayed in several ways
But the feeling in my stomach stayed

Spitting poison
Gnashing teeth
Lashing out
Attempted speech
Repulsive breach
Dramatic fall
Burn it all

Buried beneath what I made
My bloodstained hands
Don't seem to change
I know we've been through this
All attempts are useless
I'm out of excuses this time

Shed the guilt
Choose to mend
Don't change the way
You hold your head

From the mouth of the catalyst
I burned this slow

Still you should know
I won't forget you

I don't believe
That all is fair
In love and war

My heads a mess
My stomachs soar
I'm out of words
And metaphors